Acid brick or acid resistant brick is a specially made form of masonry brick that is chemically resistant and thermally durable.[1] Acid brick is created from high silica shale and fired at higher temperatures than those used for conventional brick. Some manufacturers create the brick by baking it for over a week. It has an average compressive strength of approximately 23,000 PSI.

The ASTM specification C-279 creates specifications for acid brick properties. Acid brick is not resistant against hydrofluoric acid or strong alkali.

Since the Corrosion Technology found, Acid Proof Bricks & Tiles are Prime material amongst all other anti-corrosive systems developed over the years. Some of the key features of the Acid Resistant Tiles linings make it indispensable in the modern world against the new entities.

Why it is required?

Acid Resistance Tiles, Flooring and Lining becomes inevitable:

importance of art lining Organic Compounds or Solvents in composition with other acid or corrosive material in substantial quantity.

importance of art lining Chemical reactors or any other application where the process temperatures go beyond 125 ^c.

importance of art lining Chemical process plant where acid or corrosive chemicals used along with heavy mechanical jobs, for example Glavanizing or Pickaling plants etc.

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