Textured wall paneling are sheets that can be attached to the wall, and then painted over

If you are looking for a way to change your interior walls, here are a few suggestions that can give depth to the design.

1. Faux Finishing:
Faux finishing is a technique by which different paint colors and glazes are used to create walls that appear to be textured with varying hues and highlights. Depending on the colors you choose and application pressure used a unique look can be achieved on each wall of your room.

1 Faux Finishing

2. Wall Panels:
Textured wall paneling are sheets that can be attached to the wall, and then painted over. Several wall panel varieties come in different colors, or many home owners prefer to leave them white. Depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, bold textured wall panels are a nice option for your interior walls.
2 Wall Panels

3. Paint:
An artistic technique of painting realistic images and scenes to give the illusion of textures, and realism can be used on walls to give a room depth, character, or to change the mood of a room dramatically.
3 Paint

4. Wall papers:
There are also wallpapers and do it yourself murals that mimic hand painted artwork on walls. Whichever is your method for application, the results can be stunning.
4 Wall papers

5. Décor tiles:
If you prefer monochromatic interiors that have little color, décor tiles can be a nice way to break up the eye without getting bored. This allows the room to still read as a unified color scheme, but also gives the space personality without trying to hard! Since touchable textures are nice, often a more subdued look is desired in a room to make the walls blend in with the decor as opposed to compete with them.
5 Décor tiles

6. Mosaic
Mosaic is an assemblage of small material pieces put together in a form like collage, design, pattern or even random mix. They are created with stone, ceramics, shells, glass, mirrors, beads, pearls that lend a luxury element to the entire wall

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