Make the most of every inch of your kitchen with the clever ideas for navigating an awkward space

Make the most of every inch of your kitchen with the clever ideas for navigating an awkward space and get the best out of any nook and cranny in the kitchen.

1. Handle-less Cabinets
Consider handle less cabinets to blur the line between the busy, working kitchen and relaxing living area.
Think about handle less designs for a fuss-free family kitchen. Slim line units are very handy for storing tall bottles and are often found at the end of a run of units next to an appliance. So, take a look at your kitchen and see if you can squeeze in a narrow cabinet to add extra storage.


2. Raised Island
Placing the cook top on the island is a great option for spaces with less wall space. Grouping chairs around the islands ensures that the cooking process is not isolated and there is a smoother flow from the cook top to the table. The kitchen island doubles up as a small table and makes cooking recreational activity.


3. Freestanding appliances
Investing in freestanding appliances is a wise move. They can be moved in, around and out when needed, making for maximum versatility. Also integrating small appliances behind cupboard doors helps to achieve a non-kitchen feel in an open-plan space.


4. Curved cabinets
Fitting curved units at the end of a run or on an island gives a sleek look and is especially suited to open-plan layouts to make the transition between kitchen and living or dining area flow better. They´re also a very good option if space is tight in your kitchen, as they encroach less on walkways. And from a safety perspective, young children are less likely to hurt themselves on corners and straight edges.


5. Working with sloping walls
Don´t be deterred by sloping ceilings or angled walls in your kitchen — the space underneath could be the perfect spot for an extra run of worktop or even your sink or oven. If you do intend to use the area for food prep, cooking or washing-up, make sure you have enough head room to work comfortably. If not, consider using this nook solely for storage — either put up shelves or go for a bespoke larder-style cupboard with doors to get the most out of the space.


6. Open shelves
Wall cabinets can really encroach on space, so consider doing away with yours. Open shelving can make a huge impact in a small kitchen, creating an open and airy feel, as long as you limit the amount of shelves you use, and what you keep on them.


7. Simple kitchen scheme
Nothing makes a room seem larger like simple walls, so why not take it further with sleek, contemporary details that open up the space. Light, reflective materials and minimal designs are your friends in a small kitchen so consider frosted glass cabinet doors, white stone or composite or stainless-steel worktops, and white splash back tiling.


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