For the interiors, mostly theme-based wall cladding that matches the furniture, upholstery, curtains

Tile wall cladding is becoming a popular trend in residential and commercial buildings for interior and exterior application. It is a great way to add texture and detail to a plain indoor room and when it comes to outdoor application; its benefits extend well beyond being aesthetically pleasing.

Protection from environmental damage
Keeping in mind the climatic conditions, tiles can be great roofing option. They guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses. They are frost resistant under extreme cold conditions. They are non corrosive in nature, absolutely inert to fire; do not hold any electrostatic charge.


Maintain Health Prosody
Ceramic tiles do not absorb or emit pollutants, letting you breathe quality air. They allow water to drain, resist growth of mold. The micro-porosity property of tiles keeps them dirt-free and impervious to bacterial decay. Also it has capacity to absorb sound energy which makes the environment noise free.


When properly installed and maintained, tiles have an expected “lifespan” of 50 years. They can be easily cut and pierced to meet the design requirement. Colors are absolutely stable, even when exposed to sun and smog. They will last for generations with proper application and easy care.


Ease of installation
Using traditional methods, tiles are fixed to the building or house interiors by an adhesive or cement mortar. Use of suitable adhesive and correct installation techniques makes it long-lasting and a reliable option to consider.


Cost effective
Although wall cladding can be made from various stones being made from tiles is gaining precedence because of an array of prints and designs offered by them. Whether it is the exterior or the interior of walls, tiled wall cladding has emerged as a favorite design option as it is a great way of giving a new look to a room or external facade apart from being cost effective.


The variety of design options, the access to an endless range of colors, textures and decorative patterns that can completely transform the appearance of the room or building is what makes architects and designers consider tiles for wall cladding.

Design Tip: For the interiors, mostly theme-based wall cladding that matches the furniture, upholstery, and curtains in the rooms are great option

Hence tiles are perfect for outdoor areas, offering the ideal combination of performance, looks and versatility.

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