The Ceramiche Ricchetti Group has introduced System’s most advanced technologies in its Italian factory situated in Maranello (Modena), with the aim of innovating its industrial process.

The Technological upgrading relates to the company’s digitaldepartment with the introduction of a Creadigit XLE ink jet printing system for managing high definition decoration on ceramic slabs of sizes up to 900 mm in width. A further investment regards the area dedicated to storage, where Robofloor systems developed by Nuova Era have been installed for loading and unloading the shelves of fired material. The mechanical characteristics of the Robofloors allow for the optimization of workspaces, besides increasing the efficiency of an important area of the production line.

System’s innovations have also been introduced in the Quality Control section, where the Qualitron artificial vision system is up and running for the inspection and automatic choice of tiles. Qualitron is a technology fitted with latest generation software systems, pushing the principle of Machine Learning to the highest possible levels.

The Sorting lines fitted with the Multigecko sorter, whose mechanism based on dual-axes and double suckers permits the execution of rapid, and at the same time efficient, operations, also form part of the Ceramiche Ricchetti Group’s investment. The stacks of products are sent towards the packing machine by means of a rapid shuttle. The packing process is now carried out with 4Phases, the system developed by System to construct the box around the product on demand. The technology chosen for managing palletization is Griffon, whose software guarantees the creation of pallets with an intelligent distribution of the tile packets’ weights and sizes.

The Ceramiche Ricchetti Group has recently also updated the technology of the Cinca production site in Portugal. The upgrading consists in a Sorting Line composed of a Multigecko sorter, an FV/08 Easy EVO packaging machine and a Gantry palletizer.

The configuration of the cutting-edge technology used in the Ceramiche Ricchetti Group’s plant in Italy and in Portugal has been exclusively designed by System in accordance with the industrial development plan, and is a combination of high technological-content automation for high quality ceramic products.

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