Installing your own tiles…? Avoid these common mistakes



By installing your own kitchen or bathroom tiles, you are saving yourself precious time and money. But, if done incorrectly, DIY jobs can prove sloppy. Before you jump into your ceramic tile installation project, be sure to be aware of some of the most common errors that homeowners make. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your project results are neat and beautiful.

    • Ignoring Installation Prep: No matter how excited you are to get going, simply sticking tiles on the wall is never a good idea. You need to start by washing the wall and lightly sanding the surface. Once you do this, the adhesive will be more effective.


    • Buying To Few Tiles: Nothing is worse than getting near the end of your installation project and realizing that you are several tiles short. For subway tiles, for example, one square foot includes eight three-by-six inch tiles. Measure the space and round the square footage to the next highest whole number. Add 10 to 15% to account for mistakes, cuts, and waste.


    • Working Too Quickly: Just because you are installing your decorative subway tiles or other tiles yourself does not mean that you should compromise quality. Slow down and work with precision. This will leave your final design looking immaculate.


    • Spacing Unevenly: This common DIY mistake comes from lack of pre-planning.
      If you are installing floor ceramic tiles, be sure to order spacers as well. This will keep your lines and tile distribution even.


  • Drying Improperly: Especially in high-traffic rooms, the tile needs time to set. Be sure to block off the area until the grout is completely dry. This will prevent dislodging and slipping right after installation. Having that gorgeous tile bathroom countertop or kitchen backsplash will be well worth the wait.

By taking the time to think like a professional, you will account for all possible margins of error. Just be sure to have the right tools and to plan the project ahead of time. And when in doubt, ask your professional tile vendor for recommendations. DIY does not mean that you can’t ask for advice, so take advantage of professional design and installation advice during your ceramic tile installation.

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