System has recently signed agreements to supply some of its latest technologies to American Wonder Porcelain, the division with which the Marco Polo Group (Dongguan City – China) operates in the United States supplying a wide range of porcelain tiles.

The investment objective of AWP, for the Lebanon plant in Tennessee, is to provide the market with original and innovative materials, distinguishing itself from local competition. The conquest of new segments will also take place through the proposal of new sizes, up to 600x1200mm, which will soon be placed on the market.

To achieve these results, AWP has focused on flexibility and production costs reduction, with the introduction of automations developed by System. The core of the project, designed and implemented by System, is found in the two completely automated sorting lines. The layout includes the Qualitron artificial vision system, the Multigecko sorter, the 4Phases packaging machine and the Griffon palletizer.

The vision of AWP lies in being the first US factory to have completed the layout of the sorting lines with the most advanced solution for creating on demand cardboard packaging. The integration of the electronics with the mechanics present in 4Phases makes it possible to realize the packaging process in real time and exclusively to measure the stack of tiles to be packaged. Even the printing of information and logos on the neutral carton takes place at the moment, before the box exits from 4Phases to be addressed to the palletizing phase.

The huge investment made by Marco Polo also aims at the technical-aesthetic quality of the product, with the installation of Creadigit on the two glazing lines. The system for high definition digital printing developed by System has long been a technological standard adopted by US manufacturers for its precision in printing, for the high definition ofdecorations, and the high level of performance in productivity.

In the plant were placed several Roboboxes for the storage of green-glazed products, and also the Robofloors, whose capacious platforms accommodate the output products from the kiln. Both technologies are developed by Nuova Era, a division of System Group.

This supply represents the technological choice of AWP to get to differentiate its production, aiming to further raise the technical and aesthetic quality of articles already in reference in the segments of architecture and interior design. On the other hand, the agreement is an important confirmation for System in the US market, above all by a leading producer whose headquarters are in China.

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