EFI Launches Cretaprint Fifth Generation for the Ceramic Industry

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI)announced the launch of a brand-new Cretaprint ceramic tile printer technology that represents a quantum leap in tile decoration. The fifth generation of EFI Cretaprint printers is a platform for the future of ceramic tile printing with Industry 4.0 capabilities and a new, EFI e-D5 printhead that optimizes printer performance by assuring better alignment and higher throughput speeds.
“This new generation is the state-of-art Cretaprint platform towards the future,” said José Luis Ramón Moreno, VP and GM, EFI Industrial Printing. “It is easy to use and promotes high quality manufacturing of digital tiles. It is a smart printer with multiple connectivity options, including the SCADA application for communication with plant management workflows and the EFI Go mobile app that gives operators the ability to monitor the status of the printer as well as view production statistics in an easy-to-understand dashboard.”

The EFI Cretaprint fifth generation of digital printers for ceramic tiles builds on years of development experience in the field of digital ceramic tile printing. Its new e-D5 printheads are specifically designed for optimal performance with EFI Cretaprint inks. It offers ID printing that enables the creation of templates that include information such as date and time, file name, print profile, ink temperature, printing speed and more. This enables track-and-trace throughout the manufacturing process and makes monitoring and adjustments easier.

The new EFI Cretaprint M5 digital ceramic tile printer available for sale features a maximum print width of 1138 mm, can be configured with up to 8 print bars and supports a maximum tile length of 3000 mm. It has a print speed of up to 70 meters per minute for true production-class manufacturing.

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