Personalise your floor: Keep in mind what you need

A wide range of materials are available today to meet your specific needs

The texture and shade of the stone floor should complement wooden cabinets and countertops

Hyderabad: While budgeting for your dream dwelling, a lot of amount usually ends up earmarked for cement, concrete and other heavy material. Not realising it, but most people spend a big chunk of their budget on facade, wooden work and for colours, furniture and other utilities.

Flooring is also a key component which, if chosen well can create an ambience of its own. Not just for homes and residential properties, but also for any property whether it is commercial or official.

Flooring can be personalised as the owner’s own statement revealing their taste and life style. Apart from wall colours, interiors and furniture, one entering into a premise does browse for the floor. Furniture and interior design could change with the time but the flooring is something that stays for a very long period of time. There are many options available for flooring material and one need to pick the best material according to one’s choice, budget and needs from the wide range on the offer in the market today.

In a city like Hyderabad, most homes feature with tiles flooring, ceramic tiles, wood flooring, stone flooring, marble flooring, granite flooring, PVC or vinyl flooring, limestone flooring and others that matches the colour and structure of the rest of the home and your need to choose a right one.


When you look at a big picture, tiles are one of the best flooring choices and it is readily available, cost-effective and besides offering versatile options and could be a wise choice. Trends may come and go in flooring material, but tiles will last. They are available in different colours, textures and patterns and make your home a luxurious space adding elegance to all your rooms.

Moreover, tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions used these days. Apart from ensuring durability, they also give your home a classy look and also easy to maintain and clean. This apart, make sure your bathroom tiles are suitable for water wear and are easy to clean and also non slippery and also select kitchen tiles that are easy to clean, so you can just spray and wipe down any food splatters.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring is natural, stylish and elegant which come in granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and others and all types of stone have different characteristics. The charm of stone adds a beautiful look to any home and the choice of colours provides host of options that can be matched to suit different colour schemes.

When it comes to marble flooring, it is very common in residential and commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals in Hyderabad as they can withstand all weather conditions. Marble flooring has been a favourite flooring option for families as they can be easily cleaned and polished to give a new look whenever required.

If looking for flooring material in dining rooms and halls, limestone flooring could be an ideal choice as they have a natural stone look. Limestone flooring is durable as they have a tendency to bear all kind of temperatures.

You can beautify your property by using different colours and patterns available in the market and the several shades are present in the limestone as it comes from the natural resources.


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