Top Secrets from RAK Ceramics revealed: How to make floor tiles gleam and dazzle

Top Secrets from RAK Ceramics revealed: How to make floor tiles gleam and dazzle

RAK Ceramics believes that the floor is what people observe first in a built space, so they suggest ways to keep it clean

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Cleanliness is the art of keeping one’s self and surroundings clean and avoiding grime to achieve wellbeing.  The importance of staying clean is taught to us right from our childhood. A gentle hand and a few cleaning techniques is all that is needed to keep tiles dazzling. The world’s fourth largest ceramic brand dealing in tiles, sanitary ware, countertop surfaces and mega slabs, RAK Ceramics is the winner of ‘Best Tile Award’ BKU Awards 2018, World Leaders in Ceramic Production 2019 and AI Business Excellence Awards, among others. Here, the company offers some handy tips to keep tiles shiny and gleaming as new…

* Swish or vacuum your tiles, three or four times a week. Outside dirt, visible or not visible to the naked eye, can dull how your tiles look over a period of time. Ceramic tiles may be invulnerable to dirt, but soil and grit can dull the glazed surfaces quite rapidly. Mop at least twice a week. Mix a mild cleanser with warm water and scrub the floor with a rag or a plastic mop with fibre cloth. These are easily available at all supermarkets. Avoid using sponge mops, as they tend to push the grime towards the grout. Trust us when we say, cleaning that will be double the work!

* Change your tools – viz, the bucket and mop, often for the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene. Also, change the water at least twice, depending upon the area you are cleaning. This is done to avoid a gloomy-looking floor. Watch out for tile stains. In case you come across discoloration, determine what might have led to it. Check with your tile provider on what kind of cleaner you could use to get rid of discoloration. Never let your glazed tiles air dry. The water used for cleaning can leave a light film on the surface, making it look highly unkempt. You can fix this problem yourself by cleaning the tiles with a dry cloth after mopping. Feel free to use a cut of cloth using your foot to slide the cloth uniformly over the floor – and voila! It is dry and clean.

* Remember that you must never clean marble tiles with anything that has a high pH level. All-purpose cleaners with lemon or vinegar must be avoided, as they will scrape the surface. Also, avoid tough bristles/plastic brushes that may scratch the surface easily. Granite tiles, on the other hand, must be cleaned with a cleanser that is pH neutral.

* Above all, the real secret to keeping tiles lustrous is cleaning the grout. Grout is porous and certainly absorbs oil, spill of water and other stains – especially in the kitchen areas. Avoid all cleaning solutions. Mix a paste of baking soda and warm water. Rub it on the grout and leave it overnight. Scrub the grout area in the morning with a firm plastic brush that won’t scratch the surface.

You might not even realise how dirty your tiles are, until you actually start cleaning them regularly. Happy cleaning!


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