CF ERA Ink fedeer
CF ERA Ink fedeer




The Ink feeder is very widely used for feeding ink at the screen printing machine like Roto-Gravuer or any conventional type screen printing processes where periodical feeding of ink is required. It can also be used to feed chemicals or slurry type materials in any processes where one can need control on feeding material quantity and the time period between two feeding intervals. Ink feeder is also equipped with inbuilt storage tank and the stirrer mechanism to maintain the materials characteristic throughout the operation.

 Salient Feature
  • Ink feeder is made of SS material for rust-corrosion free long life.
  • It is equipped with a pneumatically operated feed pump for positive and better control over material feeding process.
  • Specially designed microcontroller based controller unit helps in setting of quantity required at each on time of the pump, and it also helps in setting the time intervals between two “ON” periods of the pump.
  • Heavy duty motorized gear mechanism for the stirrer application.
  • Separate indications for “Power On”, “Unit On” on the front panel with pump on time setting and time intervals between two cycles for the operator’s ease.
  • An unique design of equipment eliminates the requirement of operator’s skill to operate and maintenance.

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