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The SMP 9060 Series Servo motor actuator are electrically operated very high torque actuators widely used to control Gas valves, Dampers, Liquid vavles with precision control. It is equipped with potentiometer for remote positioning monitor as well feedback control systems.

Salient Feature

  • Very high output torque for better control over the valves and dampers.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • It is equipped with heavy duty gear box with EN series gears for hassle free long life operation in even dusty environment.
  • All the gears are fitted with bearings for better smoothness as well long life against the corrosion and rust.
  • Compact and light weight aluminum pressure die casting body design for corrosion free long life, easy handling, Quick maintenance and minimum down time.
  • Output shaft having mechanical lock along with the electrical locking arrangement for positive locking operation.
  • LFC type valve for linear flow control of Gas to achieve set point within minimum time duration
  • Better coupling design between valve and actuator to get precision in operation, and very easy to remove actuator from the valve even in online conditions also.
  • Dial type position monitoring arrangement on the actuator which helps to get the valve position.
  • Powder coated aluminum body for long life even in rusty, corrosion, and high temperature environment.

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