CF GARG Asbestos Fibre
CF GARG Asbestos Fibre



Asbestos Fibre that we offer is in compliance with the international standards. Our range of Asbestos Fibre is known as fibrous minerals. India imports the large quantity of crysotile for asbestos-cement manufacture which is the largest consuming industry. Commercial verities fall into two, which are crysotile and amphibole.

Crysotile is more fibrous than amphibole. It possesses good tensile strength. Amosite is grey and light brown in color where as crocidolite is blue in color. Small production of crocidolite is reported from Australia and Bolivia. Amphibole variety occurs in Bihar, Karnataka and Rajasthan.


  • Crysotile is utilized in manufacturing of asbestos fabrics, cement sheets, pipes and allied products.
  • The amphibole group is used for boiler lagging, hard setting magnesia composition and as filler.
  • The asbestos fibers are of superior grade, silky in nature and color. Its great spinning value is utilized in manufacturing of asbestos fabrics.
  • It is also used in manufacturing of thick sheets without in pairing the quality of products.
  • Asbestos is consumed by different industries in which some are cement, abrasives, chemical, paper, paint, refractory, rubber, sugar, glass etc.

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