CF GARG Bentonite Clay
CF GARG Bentonite Clay



We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of Bentonite Claythat is naturally occurring clay. Bentonite is commonly of two types, one is swelling type and other is non-swelling type. Sodium bentonite is of swelling type and calcium bentonite is of non-swelling type. Its absorption property is used in bleaching. Its exchangeable base is suitable for decolorizing. Apart from this, the array of Bentonite Clay offered by us is priced competitively.

It can be distinguished by using its physical properties. Bentonite has remarkable colloidal, bonding, water-proofing and swelling properties and these are adventurously utilized in many industries. Almost entire production of it comes from the state of Rajasthan. A little amount of it also exported to Africa, Singapore and Japan.


  • It is used in refining of petroleum, vegetable oils and fats. Also utilized for neutralizing and bleaching acid treated wax, for the production of ‘paper industry quality’ wax and ‘technical white’ oil.
  • It provides refined sugarcane juice, beers and wines, cleaning oil spillage from factory floor, preparation of multiple copy paper requiring no carbon.
  • It provides drilling mud. It is used as bonding material in foundry sands and in pelletisation of iron ore fines.
  • It is utilized in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and paints.
  • It is suited as binder in the preparation of pellets, foundry and drilling mud. It also acts as suspending agent in the oil well drilling fluids.

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