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CF GARG Dolomite Powder



Avail from us an immaculate array of Dolomite Powder that is double carbonate of calcium and magnesium. It is of sedimentary origin and supposed to have been formed due to alteration of calcium carbonate sediments or rocks by sea-water rich in magnesia.

Its production mainly reported from Madhya Pradesh. It is also exported to Bangladesh. It also consumed in fertilizer industry Right quantity of dolomite in furnace give good fluxing effect and helps in completion of reaction in the melt. Dolomite divided into two grades in steel and Ferro-alloys industries.


  • The use of dolomite is gaining ground and considerably diversified. Iron and steel industries are the potential consumers.
  • In manufacturing steel by basic open hearth furnace and L.D. process the importance of dolomite as refractory material has greatly increased
  • Dead burned dolomite used as refractory lining in basic open hearth furnaces and Bessemer converters.
  • Also used as basic flux in smelting of iron ore in blast furnace removes alumina and slag.
  • All the seven steel plants in the country consume dolomite. It used in blast furnace and steel making shop.
  • Glass industry is also another consumer of dolomite. Dolomite free from iron is used in making of sheet and optical glasses.
  • Also as filler in manufacturing of mineral wool, as in paints and varnishes and as hardening agent in rubber.
  • It also provides soil conditioner and used as an accelerator in vulcanizing process and as in decorative building material and polish.
  • Dolomite marble chips are used for floorings.

Chemical Composition of Dolomite
It is a double carbonate of magnesium and calcium (CaCO3.MgCO3). It contains :

  • MgO : 21.7 %
  • CaO : 30.4 %

The remaining part is carbon-di-oxide.

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