CF GARG Talc Powder
CF GARG Talc Powder



Available with us is a comprehensive array of Talc Powder that is a hydrated silicate of magnesium 3 MgO.4SiO2.H2O formed due to alteration of magnesium rich rocks. It possesses the distinction of being the softest mineral and has a characteristics soapy feel.

It can be cut easily and scratched by nail. In present era talc after calcining called ‘lava’. Talc is marketed in form of fine powder and widely employed. Rajasthan emerged as leading producer of talc. It is mainly consumed in cosmetics, paper and rubber industries.


  • Lava has assumed a new importance in manufacturing of low loss ceramic materials required for high frequency insulation in all kinds of radio. Radar, television and related instruments.
  • It is also used in paint industry as an extender, as filler in rubber, plastics, linoleum, asbestos products, textiles, polishes and soaps.
  • It is utilized as a loading agent for paper of all kinds. And also used as refractory materials.
  • It used in manufacturing of ceramic required for switch board and spark plugs. It is used as a carrier of fertilizer, pesticides and insecticidal dust.

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