CF GARG Vermiculite Powder
CF GARG Vermiculite Powder



We offer wide range of Vermiculite Powder that is a complex hydrated aluminum and magnesium silicate. Vermiculite owes its commercial utility because of the property of exfoliation on heating. Its low bulk density, high refractoriness, low thermal conductivity etc. makes it satisfactory for many uses.

It is soft, pliable and elastic laminae. It exists in wide range of colors. The property of exfoliation together with the development of golden or silvery luster on heating is the outstanding characteristics of vermiculite by which it differs from mica.


  • In India its use is confined to the manufacturing of light weight bricks for insulation purpose.
  • It is extensively used in concrete work in place of sand to save weight.
  • Refractory insulation both in the form of loose vermiculite fill and vermiculite bricks is used in furnaces and kilns up to 1100 degree.
  • It is also used in paint industry, used as lubricants and as a packing material.
  • It is also utilized as filler in plastics and in horticulture.
  • Unexfoliated vermiculite has a few minor uses such as for circulation, in drilling mud, in the annealing of steel etc.

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