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CF Horizontal Loading Machine
CF Horizontal Loading Machine




This Equipment designed for Fully Automatic operation of Vitrified Tiles feeding for Polishing line application. It is designed to replace hard laborious work at polishing line feeding table.

Salient Feature

  • An Indigenous and unique Machine design Handles Tiles like a child which eliminates damage of Tiles.
  • Unique machine design uses conventional Wooden / Plastic palates to Unload and Feed Tiles to the Polishing Line.
  • Indigenous software design takes care of Tiles Handling, and fully automatic operation.
  • Inbuilt Auto/Manual / Bypass and Emergency Stop facilities.
  • Inbuilt Tiles Rotator and Tiles Stack Alignment mechanism helps to feed tiles very accurately with Tiles planarity setting.
  • It can design as per customer’s convenience of Space availability.
  • Flexibility in Tiles stacks feeding per minute as per customer’s convenience and Polishing line feeding requirement.
  • It’s design eliminates 100% laborious (man power) work at Polishing line Feeding Table.
  • All the motors are provided with AC drives to obtain smooth operation and optimize total power consumption of the machine.
  • All the operations are designed with consideration of speed and accuracy in handling Tiles.

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